Monday, December 7, 2009

Usher Crafts

It has been a while since I had a new craft post. Even with my crazy schedule lately I have still made plenty of time for crafts! Actually, my ushering job really helps in that department. See, every Broadway house has their playbills delivered to them in bundles and each bundle is held together by twine. At our theater we put out about 45-50 bundles a show, with 8 shows a week the discarded twine builds up. The average person would feel fine about throwing all this twine away but I am a hoarder and also hate throwing away anything that could be used in a craft project of some sort.

As this twine is building up, some of the ushers made bracelets, anklets, and bookmarks to pass the time during the show. I grew tired making simple braids and knots and was curious as to what I could create with the twine. On Halloween all the ushers at Henry Miller's were sad by the lack of decorations. So I dedicated a show to making a halloween spider web and spider to decorate the usher closet. It actually turned out rather well!
After the success with the web I was motivated to create more with the theatre twine. I knotted lots of twine together and started to crochet! I have never really crocheted anything other than a simple chain for a knitting project before. Once I connected the crochet chain instead of doubling back I found how to easily crochet in the round. I created my first hat!... the only issue was I didn't think of how the chain will not stretch and the hat is REALLY small. (That's my usher friend Candice in the picture by the by)

I am now in the middle of creating roses for all the ushers. I have knitted 8 usher roses I only need 7 more (If I include my HM and AHM). I am going to dye them red and give them out at our holiday gift exchange on December 19th.

Keepin' crafty!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Show

Fallen Angels went up again last week. It was really amazing to have another chance to put it up. We didn't have as many rehearsals this time but the ones we had were so much more productive. I think that I was in a better place this go around. Only having two and a half weeks plus having to wrangle up an audience to meet my minimum was very stressful. For the first performance I felt like I had to rush to put on something that looked complete, so the emphasis was on blocking that worked and could be remembered by my actors without fear of train wreck. The first time around we barely had time to discuss, I hated that I was telling them to do things instead of asking questions and arriving at something together. I enjoy collaboration and without it I feel like I am doing a disservice to the scene, my actors, and my self.

Leading up to the November 18th performance we had time to delve into the script. On troubled areas I got to ask questions and the actors were able to dig into their characters and the situation. We also had more time to just have fun and enjoy the scene. Half of one rehearsal I had Anna and Melissa just play actor games. Noel Coward made this play fun; it's silly and fast paced and completely melodramatic! We all knew that but we had to really experience and remember that it's ok to go on stage and just have fun with it! And my ladies did! They just went with it and the scene became something new and exciting. It was a true performance, completely ready for an audience.

You have one last chance to see it! Our last encore production is Dec 2nd and 3rd, once again at the producer's club at 10pm. You can purchase tickets online (since we are a special guest scene we are not listed on the purchasing website so just click any other scene for that evening) click here and scroll down to the correct night!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Megan Kosmoski, Professional Theater Director

Last week I made my Off-Off Broadway debut with Noel Coward's Fallen Angels at the Producer's Club in Midtown Manhattan. It went so well! Thank you, everyone who could come out and see it! Actually we were asked to come back for their Festival Favorites of the season. Due to a conflict we can only perform one of the nights, so if you missed it we will have another performance Weds November 18th! Also we have been asked to perform again in December, however, I haven't had a chance to discuss it with my cast so who knows. Tickets are up on TheaterVision's website here.

My last week has been networking central. I feel like mostly all I do is exchange business cards, send out resumes, and go out for drinks. Last Friday I spent my morning with Clubbed Thumb Theater Company sending out mailers. I think I am loosely considered an intern for them now. For the past month I have been sending out resumes and letters of interest for spring and summer jobs/internships/productions and the due dates are all finally approaching, which means I should hopefully be contacted soon.

Speaking of being a professional please check out my professional website all about me being a director:

~Kosmo out

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Directing, Modeling, and Shmoozing!

Directing Angels
I am directing a scene for the Coward's Morality Evening Festival with TheaterVision- Playtime. My roommate found the ad on and I sent in my resume and proposal; in a weeks time I was contacted to arrange a series of interviews. Following the interviews with a stipulation of audience requirement, I was offered the job. I choose the scene, I choose the actors, I am responsible for rehearsals, and personal marketing, a lot to do but I am up for the challenge. The tagline states: An Evening of Noel Coward’s Smart, Sophistication and Convention Defying Morality. The two women in my scene are torn between their better and worse selves. These two parts of them are divided by content love for their husbands and passionate lust for a foreign lover. The scene is smart, quick witted, and driven by sex, manipulation, and desire. Never a dull moment! I would love for everyone to come check it out... I do have that audience requirement!

Click here to purchase tickets! The tickets are $20 but you get a full evening: four scenes, four stand up comedians, and $3 beer and wine! At The Producer's Club in midtown Manhattan Oct 28& 29 10pm.

A Model Citizen
I have been applying for some modeling jobs since I moved to NYC. I modeled over the summer for some local photographers and built a portfolio, so I thought why not! I applied for a Sears Print ad two weeks ago and was called this morning for a phone interview. The company organizing it fully submitted my portfolio for consideration for the shoot and asked me if I wanted to join their website to get information on regional GoSees! It's kind of cool. I am going to wait to see if I hear anything back before joining... Scams happen often but here is to hoping!

The Shmooze fest that is my life!
So last week was the opening of Bye Bye Birdie (we don't need to discuss reviews here). Along with the rest of Front of House, I was invited to the Opening night Party!! It was the sweetest party I have ever attended. The party took place at the Hard Rock in Times Square and we had the entire downstairs: six rooms, a plethora of bars, tons of food all catering to celebrities and Broadway socialites! I partied with the cast of The Understudy, Sal from MadMen, and everyone from the show! It was a lot of fun. The ushers all bonded as did the HMs! We had a FOH dance party. Finally, to end the night, myself and two other ushers had a conversation with Bill Irwin who promised to come and hang out with us before the show sometimes.

And now...
I am currently spending my time looking up internships and fellowships for the spring, summer, and next year. If I truly want to direct I need to meet directors, once I meet directors I need to get them to give me AD jobs, then I can convince theaters to actually let me direct a full show on my own. Also I need to train with more places before I start to look at grad schools.

Life is crazy and fast-paced. I am just trying to keep up!
Kosmo out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I am an employed NY director! I am going to be directing in a Noel Coward series called "Coward's Morality" with Theater Vision. I just found out and will post more details later but for now check it out I am official:

Look at Weds Oct 28!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So I have spent my day knitting, cooking, looking up jobs, hanging with the ladies. I am about to get ready to leave for work. But I have a few things on my mind. Things I want to do. I figure I'll put them out there, into the world, work towards them and one day complete them (some sooner than others).

I want to...

Travel more-- Internationally, country wide, as many places as possible
Pick up cello again, I miss it
Learn German
Do theatre in Germany
Take art classes
Attend the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in Scotland
Live in Chicago for a bit
Go to Grad School
Live in Italy and REALLY learn Italian
Work with children again
Be a founding member of a theatre company

That's all for now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Adventures in Ushering and Then Some

So, a lot has been going on lately. MY Biggest news, sadly not as exciting as it sounds, is that starting tomorrow I am head usher at the theater for a week! This does mean some extra work and responsibility but it also means higher pay. And let's face it, I love getting more money (especially on rent week). The job title mainly entails that I schedule all the ushers and make sure everything runs smoothly, I am definitely up for the challenge!

A highlight of this week included seeing NON-BIRDIE theatre!! Exciting! First, I saw a 'scratch night' at The Barrow Group. Scratch night is when local artists get together a present works in progress to get an audience reaction and feedback. I am not going to lie, it really let me down. I was excited about upcoming works, new young artists, an accepting arts atmosphere. You'd expect edgy, raw, risky works right? WRONG! It seemed mostly to be popcorn entertainment. Most of the acts were comedians who did safe material. I did talk to some people and generally enjoyed the presenters but it wasn't what I was hoping to see. I wanted to see passionate, daring, driven theatre that would in turn motivate me to create passionate, daring, and driven theatre.

However, last night I saw Cymbeline by Fiasco Theater Company at the Access Theater. It was a very different experience. The piece was adventurous and passionate. The play was performed by 6 actors playing a variety of roles all except the actress playing Imogen. The concept culminated at the moment when King Cymbeline announces "everyone appears to be someone else," when not only had each character proved themselves and others false but also each actor had been playing multiple roles, all except Imogen. Imogen throughout the story holds true to her beliefs and to her moral character, since she never waivers neither did the actress. I also enjoyed the simplicity in the sets and costumes. Although they were not extravagant, they wowed the audience with their dynamic use and function. I was highly impressed and hope to find more theatre groups that inspire me like this one.

Lastly I have three crafty projects in mind. If I write them on this blog maybe I will actually complete them! First, I have been working to turn this sixties style go-go dress that barely fits around my hips into a cute tunic style night-on-the-town top. I have already made slits on the sides up to the hip, I still need to hem it and create a keyhole or V-neck (haven't decided which yet, but it definitely needs something). Second, I need a new purse! I have so much scrap fabric I can easily create a cute patchwork type purse. Third, I need to knit again! Winter in NY is bound to get cold so I am going to knit my first hat! The hat will be stripped with knit and purl stitches.

Lastly, I have been baking lately! My chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are easy and quick, not to mention delicious! I took a recipe and changed it a bit. Since we just moved in we don't have all the baking necessities yet, so I picked one that cut a few corners.

1 package of yellow cake mix (so flour, sugar, milk, salt, and baking powder aren't needed)
3/4 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 cup of oats
3/4 cup chocolate chips
--I add cinnamon and a bit of cocoa powder

Bake for eight minutes and enjoy!!

:) Kosmo

PS hope you like the new layout!

Monday, September 14, 2009

So Many Famous People So Little Time

For the past week have worked with, flirted with, and encountered more famous people than the rest of my life combined. First my 'co-workers': John Stamos, Bill Irwin, Gina Gershone, and Noal Gerard Funk. I saw the show last Weds and it was sooo much fun! I highly recommend seeing it! Bye Bye Birdie at the Henry Miller's Theatre opening Oct 15. The first two months are pretty much sold out as of now but it goes until February. John is very personable and lovable as Albert, Bill knocks your socks off with his physical comedy, and the show is overall a highly fun spirited adventure. Plus if you come and see it you get to see me! Perk of the new job: I flirted with one of the understudy/swings on the show as he was warming up yesterday, it was really cute.

Finally New York is overflowing with celebs. My roommate constantly texts me with people she has seen just walking on the street. A couple of days ago we found a barricade of press hanging out on 5 av. We waited and out of the building comes Tony Blair! He was very nice: took pictures and signed autographs.

Last night my roommate and I camped outside the VMAs to catch the glimpse of stardom. I am not really up to date on pop culture, especially not MTV culture but it was a lot of fun! We saw everyone pull up to the red carpet and get their pictures taken. My fav was cobra starship who pulled up in a double-decker tour bus! And P!nk who came in a NY Firetruck because the announcer could say "You know this lady's hot because she is in a firetruck!" Other celebs included: Kanye West, Katie Perry, Jimmy Fallon, Perez Hilton, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, JLo, P. Diddy, Gerard Butler, Lady GaGa, and more. The night was supposed to end with a 'surprise' performance. Our cop friend said it was going to be Janet Jackson as a tribute to MJ but that was happening inside. Actually it turned out to be Taylor Swift who performed outside. I don't really care for her music but my roommate loves her so it was exciting none the less.

Life is fun and fast-paced here! Today is my day off and then back to Broadway.

Kosmo Out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventures in the City

As promised I will not only write about my projects but my adventures! I have been in NYC for 1.5 weeks and I thought it's about time you all heard about it:

The Casting Call:
My roommates are both primarily actors and have been looking at all these auditions and getting in touch with casting directors while I, the aspiring director, sit at my computer researching theatres and sending out resumes, cover letters, and proposals. I was feeling a bit of cabin fever so I approached my roommate, Angelyn, to see if she wouldn't mind if I tagged along to Central Casting.
I get all dolled up, even wear contacts (I know!), and head into the city. We get there with about 40 other women, information packets in hand ready to stand out, in a sea of women who are too trying to stand out. We sit for a while so that everyone has every bit of information from hair color to distance the between their toes, copied down. Finally the information session begins: who is Central Casting, how do they help you, how can you help them, etc. It sounds a little boring but it was rather exciting to hear that you might be on Law and Order, Gossip Girl, or Drew Barrymore's new movie!
Right before they take our picture a women walks in asking "Is anyone free tonight for a movie shoot? We are shooting a roof top party near Rockefeller Center and need model types." Of course my roommates and I jump all over that!! The shoot was supposed to start at 4pm and they would call us if we got a part as background. At 3pm we realized it wasn't going to happen. I blame it on one inch. See I am 5'7, runway models are 5'8+. That stupid one inch.
Well, I am now in Central Castings database and I call the hotline everyday abouts so I will see if anything comes of it. A rather exciting day if you ask me!

Exploring Brooklyn:
When taking a break from new apartment errands, theatre researching, and job searching we go out and explore. Manhattan is fun and filled with so much but as I have learned so is Brooklyn, not to mention it's a lot easier getting to (since I live there). The first times adventuring in Brooklyn we have explored WIlliamsburg. There are some really cute areas to walk around, cheap eats, and vintage stores to shop in, you can find a lot of hipsters which aren't bad but on occasion get a bit annoying.
However, I really liked the Fort Greene/Prospect Park area. We originally went there because I had a Target gift card with $10 on it. Then we started walking and really enjoyed the area. We passed a huge shopping complex complete with the Target, which was only a few blocks away from BAM: Brooklyn Academy of Music. We had lunch at this ecofriendly, highly spirited, cafe/bar/artist center called Habana Outpost. You walk in through the main entrance to see beautiful floor to ceiling murals, lively bar area, and brightly colored everything! I ordered my white cheese and avocado sandwich from the counter and the women hands me a ticket and says "take this to the truck."
Being a little dumbfounded I walk outside. The patio is the main area filled with picnic tables, vendors, a DJ, and the truck. The kitchen is in this truck, powered by solar panels, and the cooks make the food right in front of you. It was charming and very exciting. We got our sandwiches and delighted in our choices of condiments! It was very good and a great atmosphere; I highly recommend it!

Working Hard:
Tonight I start my job at Henry Miller's Theatre. I will update probably at the end of the week to let you know how it went.

Over and Out

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Place, Same Fun Crafts

Hello Blogger! I have missed you the past month and a half. That's a lie; I am sorry to say it is the crafting I have missed not necessarily the blogging. I am happy to be posting none the less. Currently, I am typing from my new apartment in NYC. My day has been spent awaiting the gas company and the super (for general maintenance) so I had plenty of time to settle in. Naturally, instead of unpacking and organizing, I got crafty.

For some reason our hallway light was green upon moving. Since I need to get through the hallway to get to my room, one of my first missions was to find one of my desk/table lamps to light my way. Last May when I was moving out of my previous residence we found a box of goodies left behind by past tenants. I took a plain black desk lamp from this box and is now the lamp that is lighting my hallway. Since the most important and interesting part of any lamp is the light that come from it I spiced up the shade to enhance the light and mood of my hallway.

I first took silk ribbon and whip stitched the bottom border of the lampshade. The top border I painted using gold liquid leaf and framed in the same purple silk ribbon as the bottom border. Then I found vintage stage and theatre pictures using google images. Using preview I slightly altered the pictures by cropping and changing the color balances. I did a simple collage of five pictures on the lampshade using rite-aide brand glue. My final touches were designs painted with black fabric paint and a fine bristled brush and accents of tiny holes poked through the shade to let more light escape through the pictures.

Here are the pics. I hope you enjoy! I really like how it turned out!


Love from the Big Apple

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It has been so long...

Hello all,

I promise I have not abandoned my projects! I finished the first samples of my sister's wedding invitations. I am sending them to her this Monday so we can discuss which style is best. I am up for redrawing or just reworking the styles. The mediums used to create the cards and envelopes include: cardstock, recycled paper, various textured paper, stamps and ink, watercolor, fine-tipped permanent markers, ribbon, and etching stencils.

Three Samples

The Two Different Inside Designs

Kosmo out!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Project #3 Complete and Rendering for Project #4

I completed my Vases!! I got the idea from Todd Oldham's book Handmade Modern but I changed it a bit. Instead of using a pigment and natural alcohol epoxy, I went a cheaper route and bought stained glass paint. The brand is Vitrail bought from my local crafts store. After coating the bottom of the vase in paint I simply held it upside down until the excess paint poured out. This created a smooth paint effect. I used two colors per vase (green and purple, and green and yellow). I then used silver liquid leaf on the rims to give it a finished look. To give the vases a personal, one-of-a-kind touch I enscribed the enitials and wedding date of the couple I made them for. I finally used transparent sealent on all painted areas so the vases can be wet or dry vases in any decorative setting.

Here is my rendering for the my mom's porch! My parents are trying to redecorate their house and my mom has the idea for a Key West Style. She asked me to paint their porch while I was home for the summer. We discussed what she was looking for and here is the rendering for the main section of the proch. I will base the section above the bar and the smaller section off of these palm trees with maybe an illusion of a sunset. The main background color will be a sea green and she wants the ceiling to be yellow. It's very Floridian but I feel it will be fun to do! (don't get too excited... just to warn you: I can't even get started for another week)

I was thinking for making more Vases and maybe selling them on Etsy or Ebay. Let me know what you think!

~Kosmo out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 new project ideas!

Ok so I have three definite projects that I am going to complete before the end of the summer! Two of them came out of those wonderful (basically free) craft books I mentioned in the previous post.

Project Wedding Invitations: My oldest sister, Anne, is getting married October 17 and since she is going to have a very small wedding I thought personal homemade invitations would be a nice touch. As I was looking through one of my craft books (Decoupage Made Easy) I found this beautiful project. I sent her the idea and she is very excited. I am going to make her an example with the image of her choice and then from there she will send me additional images as well as discuss small adjustments so they can be just right for their big day.
Pic of example:
Project Porch: I asked my folks to put me to work this summer as a way for me to pay them back for letting me stay rent free while I save for the move in Sept. So my mom has asked me to paint the porch. Easy, right? Not so much. It's not incredibly difficult just a bit of detail work. We have a bar out back and a we eat dinner on our porch table when the weather is nice, so my mom would like to give it some character. She is looking for a Key West Style porch with bold colors and a relaxing feel. Her idea is a beach scene and palm trees. I am going to make a simple rendering this or next week and then we will go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick out the paints together once we have discussed it further.

Project Wedding Present: One of my really good friends from high school is getting married in two weeks to her high school sweetheart (who is also a friend of mine). I am trying to save and am unable to spend a lot on a gift so I decided to spend time and thought on making a classy gift for their new home together. I am going to paint a set of vases for them. The idea was taken from once again one of my free craft books (Handmade Modern).

I will keep you updated on all the projects!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Project 1 complete and Upcoming Projects

I finally finished my dress! It really should not have taken me as long as it did but I have had a lot on my plate lately. I know it seems I should be simply sitting on the couch eating cereal and watching cartoons... not that I haven't been doing that part of the time, however, I have been organizing, cleaning, and running around to get ready for the summer. My major accomplishments have been arranging my room, so it feels like someone actually lives there, and writing lesson plans for the summer.

Anyway, what you have all been waiting for:

Upcoming projects: last weekend there was a Hillsborough County Public Library book sale. Since I got there in with only one hour left in the sale they were basically giving the books away; I got a bag of craft and theatre books for only $1. I am going through the books this weekend and I will post the projects I am interested in. We will see what I accomplish by the end of the summer!

Kosmo out!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Project #2

So I still have not finished project one. I only have one cuff and the hem to do and the dress is complete! Today I went to put on the second cuff and because of the stressful day yesterday I miss placed it. After searching for 30min or so (longer than it would have taken to make a new one... but lets face it I am stubborn) I decided to complete the mother's day gift my mom is patiently awaiting.

My folks have been working on a picture hallway for a couple years. In my house we have a long back hallway that connects all the bedrooms. My dad had the idea to line the hallway floor to ceiling of family photos (since we are such a photo-happy family). My dad spent years organizing all our photos and placing them into labeled shoeboxes, after scanning and saving them on CDs. My mom has been compiling frames and my sisters and I have on occasion given them personalized frames and artwork including photos to add to the hallway.

I decided to make them something along the lines of photos for the wall but put an original spin on it. I wanted to take pictures of my sisters and I when we were young and find pictures of us now where we are posing similarly. It would have been ideal to do a "recreation" of our childhood photos but there was not time and we are so rarely all together anymore. But taking pictures that were unintentionally similar actually turned out great!

I got a shadow box from a local craft store and then covered the inside foam backboard with different fabrics, colored tissue paper and catologue cut outs. The different textures and colors acting as a background helped make the pictures pop. I then went around my house to find gift bags, game peices, fake flowers, and coloring supplies to help bring the shadowbox to life. I ended up not putting as much in just to keep it from getting too busy.

I hope you like it!

Some Things Never Change


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project #1

For my first project I will be finishing a dress I started a couple weeks ago but put it aside as quickly as I picked it up. I got the pattern from the costume shop I used to work at. The pattern is a little too big for me so I will need to take in the side seams and I think I will embroider on the collar. Here is the pattern (the long dress):

and here is the main fabric:


Monday, May 25, 2009

This Summer

Hello all,

I graduated with a BA concentrating in drama, just a mere two weeks ago. Over the past five months I have been making contacts in various theatres and have decided to move to NYC. In order to afford the grand move to New York I have moved to my parents house for the summer. I got a very exciting job working for the Florida Aquarium. However, I am afraid that I will not be creatively stimulated SOOOO I have a slew of projects that I would like to complete before this summer is over.

I will be reading new plays every week and writing reviews and ideas I had while reading. I am in the middle of making a tunic style dress and am open to sewing more. I am scrapbooking a bit of my past four years at college. I would also like to make a t-shirt as well as a scrap fabric quilt. Lastly, I am looking to apply to a fellowship with the Goethe Institute, however, I need to be conversational in German; therefore this summer I will be starting to learn German.

During the summer I will add on more and more projects always reporting back to this blog! For each project I will describe it, say where I got the idea, how I am going about it, and finally will take pictures to document the process and the outcome.

I am excited for this summer to begin!

-Kosmo. Over and out.