Thursday, October 22, 2009

Directing, Modeling, and Shmoozing!

Directing Angels
I am directing a scene for the Coward's Morality Evening Festival with TheaterVision- Playtime. My roommate found the ad on and I sent in my resume and proposal; in a weeks time I was contacted to arrange a series of interviews. Following the interviews with a stipulation of audience requirement, I was offered the job. I choose the scene, I choose the actors, I am responsible for rehearsals, and personal marketing, a lot to do but I am up for the challenge. The tagline states: An Evening of Noel Coward’s Smart, Sophistication and Convention Defying Morality. The two women in my scene are torn between their better and worse selves. These two parts of them are divided by content love for their husbands and passionate lust for a foreign lover. The scene is smart, quick witted, and driven by sex, manipulation, and desire. Never a dull moment! I would love for everyone to come check it out... I do have that audience requirement!

Click here to purchase tickets! The tickets are $20 but you get a full evening: four scenes, four stand up comedians, and $3 beer and wine! At The Producer's Club in midtown Manhattan Oct 28& 29 10pm.

A Model Citizen
I have been applying for some modeling jobs since I moved to NYC. I modeled over the summer for some local photographers and built a portfolio, so I thought why not! I applied for a Sears Print ad two weeks ago and was called this morning for a phone interview. The company organizing it fully submitted my portfolio for consideration for the shoot and asked me if I wanted to join their website to get information on regional GoSees! It's kind of cool. I am going to wait to see if I hear anything back before joining... Scams happen often but here is to hoping!

The Shmooze fest that is my life!
So last week was the opening of Bye Bye Birdie (we don't need to discuss reviews here). Along with the rest of Front of House, I was invited to the Opening night Party!! It was the sweetest party I have ever attended. The party took place at the Hard Rock in Times Square and we had the entire downstairs: six rooms, a plethora of bars, tons of food all catering to celebrities and Broadway socialites! I partied with the cast of The Understudy, Sal from MadMen, and everyone from the show! It was a lot of fun. The ushers all bonded as did the HMs! We had a FOH dance party. Finally, to end the night, myself and two other ushers had a conversation with Bill Irwin who promised to come and hang out with us before the show sometimes.

And now...
I am currently spending my time looking up internships and fellowships for the spring, summer, and next year. If I truly want to direct I need to meet directors, once I meet directors I need to get them to give me AD jobs, then I can convince theaters to actually let me direct a full show on my own. Also I need to train with more places before I start to look at grad schools.

Life is crazy and fast-paced. I am just trying to keep up!
Kosmo out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I am an employed NY director! I am going to be directing in a Noel Coward series called "Coward's Morality" with Theater Vision. I just found out and will post more details later but for now check it out I am official:

Look at Weds Oct 28!!