Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Show

Fallen Angels went up again last week. It was really amazing to have another chance to put it up. We didn't have as many rehearsals this time but the ones we had were so much more productive. I think that I was in a better place this go around. Only having two and a half weeks plus having to wrangle up an audience to meet my minimum was very stressful. For the first performance I felt like I had to rush to put on something that looked complete, so the emphasis was on blocking that worked and could be remembered by my actors without fear of train wreck. The first time around we barely had time to discuss, I hated that I was telling them to do things instead of asking questions and arriving at something together. I enjoy collaboration and without it I feel like I am doing a disservice to the scene, my actors, and my self.

Leading up to the November 18th performance we had time to delve into the script. On troubled areas I got to ask questions and the actors were able to dig into their characters and the situation. We also had more time to just have fun and enjoy the scene. Half of one rehearsal I had Anna and Melissa just play actor games. Noel Coward made this play fun; it's silly and fast paced and completely melodramatic! We all knew that but we had to really experience and remember that it's ok to go on stage and just have fun with it! And my ladies did! They just went with it and the scene became something new and exciting. It was a true performance, completely ready for an audience.

You have one last chance to see it! Our last encore production is Dec 2nd and 3rd, once again at the producer's club at 10pm. You can purchase tickets online (since we are a special guest scene we are not listed on the purchasing website so just click any other scene for that evening) click here and scroll down to the correct night!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Megan Kosmoski, Professional Theater Director

Last week I made my Off-Off Broadway debut with Noel Coward's Fallen Angels at the Producer's Club in Midtown Manhattan. It went so well! Thank you, everyone who could come out and see it! Actually we were asked to come back for their Festival Favorites of the season. Due to a conflict we can only perform one of the nights, so if you missed it we will have another performance Weds November 18th! Also we have been asked to perform again in December, however, I haven't had a chance to discuss it with my cast so who knows. Tickets are up on TheaterVision's website here.

My last week has been networking central. I feel like mostly all I do is exchange business cards, send out resumes, and go out for drinks. Last Friday I spent my morning with Clubbed Thumb Theater Company sending out mailers. I think I am loosely considered an intern for them now. For the past month I have been sending out resumes and letters of interest for spring and summer jobs/internships/productions and the due dates are all finally approaching, which means I should hopefully be contacted soon.

Speaking of being a professional please check out my professional website all about me being a director:

~Kosmo out