Friday, May 29, 2009

Project #2

So I still have not finished project one. I only have one cuff and the hem to do and the dress is complete! Today I went to put on the second cuff and because of the stressful day yesterday I miss placed it. After searching for 30min or so (longer than it would have taken to make a new one... but lets face it I am stubborn) I decided to complete the mother's day gift my mom is patiently awaiting.

My folks have been working on a picture hallway for a couple years. In my house we have a long back hallway that connects all the bedrooms. My dad had the idea to line the hallway floor to ceiling of family photos (since we are such a photo-happy family). My dad spent years organizing all our photos and placing them into labeled shoeboxes, after scanning and saving them on CDs. My mom has been compiling frames and my sisters and I have on occasion given them personalized frames and artwork including photos to add to the hallway.

I decided to make them something along the lines of photos for the wall but put an original spin on it. I wanted to take pictures of my sisters and I when we were young and find pictures of us now where we are posing similarly. It would have been ideal to do a "recreation" of our childhood photos but there was not time and we are so rarely all together anymore. But taking pictures that were unintentionally similar actually turned out great!

I got a shadow box from a local craft store and then covered the inside foam backboard with different fabrics, colored tissue paper and catologue cut outs. The different textures and colors acting as a background helped make the pictures pop. I then went around my house to find gift bags, game peices, fake flowers, and coloring supplies to help bring the shadowbox to life. I ended up not putting as much in just to keep it from getting too busy.

I hope you like it!

Some Things Never Change


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project #1

For my first project I will be finishing a dress I started a couple weeks ago but put it aside as quickly as I picked it up. I got the pattern from the costume shop I used to work at. The pattern is a little too big for me so I will need to take in the side seams and I think I will embroider on the collar. Here is the pattern (the long dress):

and here is the main fabric:


Monday, May 25, 2009

This Summer

Hello all,

I graduated with a BA concentrating in drama, just a mere two weeks ago. Over the past five months I have been making contacts in various theatres and have decided to move to NYC. In order to afford the grand move to New York I have moved to my parents house for the summer. I got a very exciting job working for the Florida Aquarium. However, I am afraid that I will not be creatively stimulated SOOOO I have a slew of projects that I would like to complete before this summer is over.

I will be reading new plays every week and writing reviews and ideas I had while reading. I am in the middle of making a tunic style dress and am open to sewing more. I am scrapbooking a bit of my past four years at college. I would also like to make a t-shirt as well as a scrap fabric quilt. Lastly, I am looking to apply to a fellowship with the Goethe Institute, however, I need to be conversational in German; therefore this summer I will be starting to learn German.

During the summer I will add on more and more projects always reporting back to this blog! For each project I will describe it, say where I got the idea, how I am going about it, and finally will take pictures to document the process and the outcome.

I am excited for this summer to begin!

-Kosmo. Over and out.