Sunday, January 30, 2011


The reason I have been absent this past week, I am now a proud aunt!! Enjoy little baby Addison Marie Siefried.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holiday Catchup

Ok so before holidays get too far behind us, I'd love to show off my quick, easy, cheap and cute decorations. I LOVE to decorate! And to rearrange and to host... I should really be a trophy wife in the 1960s (I could just be saying that because I LOVE Madmen. Let's face it the best part would be the appearance, cute dresses- with the over apron, the rest of the life style would bore me or pissed me off. Who really wants to sit around drinking and ironing all day... On second thought, maybe I should reconsider my life choices...)

Any way I digress. Home made holiday decorations, GO!

My first idea was an snow flake chandelier. First of all, we need a bit of mood lighting for the party, also I have a lot of saved up tissue paper from old gifts and Victoria's Secret purchases. I take tissue paper and newspaper and cut different sizes and shapes of snow flakes, you know, elementary school style. Then I hang said snowflakes around my ceiling lamp to block out some of the harsh light (I really love light so I have the brightest and whitest halogen light bulbs in my apartment). I put up these chandeliers in both our entrance way and the living room.

Next we need mistletoe! We all know I love deadlines (some would call it procrastinating, SEMANTICS), so of course I don't go on the search for mistletoe until the day of the party. None to be found. Anywhere. Well with a little google image and some scrap booking paper, vwah la!

Lastly I have a small box filled with last years decorations. All are placed throughout the apartment, radiating holiday joy. The last touch is the string of lights we saved to put around the tree. Well, sorry to say but the season swept by so quickly we never acquired a tree. I finally decide the right place, hang and then plug in.... Only to find the lights have lost their will to live over the past year, one bulb must have given in to the ghost of christmas yet to come and taken then whole string's spirit with it!

Well, if you can't have a tree, and you can't have lights, have both! I was determined to make my own! With presents under it and everything!

A friend of mine at the party recommended to do the same thing next year (with a string that worked) plug in the lights and put green tissue paper around the lights to make it look even more like a tree! Too cute!!

Well, happy holidays all!
Kosmo here reminding everyone to keep Christmas with you, all through the year!

Friday, January 7, 2011

An Attack Plan for the New Year

It has been quite some time since I have posted and I have so much to catch you all up on! One of my resolutions this year is to make sure that I post at least once a week, so please check back often. I have many projects up in the air at the moment and many I have completed, each will get their own post (I don't want to overwhelm anyone with just one GIANT post).

This post will simply be a welcome back to blogging and a welcome to the new year. I thought I would share my resolutions with all of you (the more people who I tell the more likely I am to keep them- puts the pressure on).

2011 New Year Resolutions:
(1) Blog at least once a week
(2) Make more of an effort with how I present myself; wear makeup, contacts, and complimenting clothes more often
(3) Do more things that make me happy, and only because it makes me happy; crafting, adventuring, etc
(4) Learn that it is ok to be selfish; go for what I want and take more me time

We will see how I do!
I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday! Let's attack this new year together!!

Kosmo out