Monday, December 7, 2009

Usher Crafts

It has been a while since I had a new craft post. Even with my crazy schedule lately I have still made plenty of time for crafts! Actually, my ushering job really helps in that department. See, every Broadway house has their playbills delivered to them in bundles and each bundle is held together by twine. At our theater we put out about 45-50 bundles a show, with 8 shows a week the discarded twine builds up. The average person would feel fine about throwing all this twine away but I am a hoarder and also hate throwing away anything that could be used in a craft project of some sort.

As this twine is building up, some of the ushers made bracelets, anklets, and bookmarks to pass the time during the show. I grew tired making simple braids and knots and was curious as to what I could create with the twine. On Halloween all the ushers at Henry Miller's were sad by the lack of decorations. So I dedicated a show to making a halloween spider web and spider to decorate the usher closet. It actually turned out rather well!
After the success with the web I was motivated to create more with the theatre twine. I knotted lots of twine together and started to crochet! I have never really crocheted anything other than a simple chain for a knitting project before. Once I connected the crochet chain instead of doubling back I found how to easily crochet in the round. I created my first hat!... the only issue was I didn't think of how the chain will not stretch and the hat is REALLY small. (That's my usher friend Candice in the picture by the by)

I am now in the middle of creating roses for all the ushers. I have knitted 8 usher roses I only need 7 more (If I include my HM and AHM). I am going to dye them red and give them out at our holiday gift exchange on December 19th.

Keepin' crafty!