Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gots to Give Me Props

This is actually two completed projects in one post and subject heading, multitasking! Last fall a good friend and amazing stage director, Kel Haney asked me to assistant direct with her for the upcoming production Good Egg. During the rehearsal process it is clear we are in desperate need of a props design and manager. I have a costume design background and as you know, can be quite crafty, also I knew the script better than anyone. So, I stepped up to the position of props lady!

One of the characters was Matt and eccentric, unique, curious personality. My favorite part was collected and finding toys and puzzles for his area of the stage. However, I also made and designed a duct tape wallet for him.

Outside of the Wallet (dinosaur theme)

Inside of the Wallet

Matt's character circuit-bended and used a bent Speak&Spell to explain to the audience how his mind worked. I am not a circuit bender, unfortunately, even though I think I made my roommate believe I was a hoarder for the month of October, filling our apartment with broken children's electronic toys and old wiring. I got my hands on a classic speak and spell and gussied it up with wires, switches and knobs.

... If you don't know what circuit bending is, check it out! Circuit Bending = fascinating!! If it wouldn't drive me insane or make my contained chaos spill from my room into the rest of my life, I would totally adopt the art as part of my own.

I just finished props designing/properties manager for Red Fern Theatre Company's production GENTRIFUSION, which closed Feb 13th. I gathered and created props for six short plays on the gentrification of different boroughs in New York City.

Getting a baby doll to look and feel like a realistic baby, was the most challenging part of props. The answer was a good sized doll, baby hat and booties, and wrist weights secured to the doll. I was pretty proud of the end result.

My crafty side was able to come out in the most unsuspecting prop, a shoe box. In one of the plays a teenage drug dealer, Ernesto, is counting his money that he promptly hides from his father. I made a pimped out shoebox for his money. To imagine it started out as a clean Bass shoe box is quite funny. It just took scissors, duct tape, and sharpie!

Check out Red Fern Theatre Company! They are a great, community centered company that produces socially conscious plays. Highly recommended!

Keep it Crafty, internets!
--Kosmo out.