Monday, August 31, 2009

New Place, Same Fun Crafts

Hello Blogger! I have missed you the past month and a half. That's a lie; I am sorry to say it is the crafting I have missed not necessarily the blogging. I am happy to be posting none the less. Currently, I am typing from my new apartment in NYC. My day has been spent awaiting the gas company and the super (for general maintenance) so I had plenty of time to settle in. Naturally, instead of unpacking and organizing, I got crafty.

For some reason our hallway light was green upon moving. Since I need to get through the hallway to get to my room, one of my first missions was to find one of my desk/table lamps to light my way. Last May when I was moving out of my previous residence we found a box of goodies left behind by past tenants. I took a plain black desk lamp from this box and is now the lamp that is lighting my hallway. Since the most important and interesting part of any lamp is the light that come from it I spiced up the shade to enhance the light and mood of my hallway.

I first took silk ribbon and whip stitched the bottom border of the lampshade. The top border I painted using gold liquid leaf and framed in the same purple silk ribbon as the bottom border. Then I found vintage stage and theatre pictures using google images. Using preview I slightly altered the pictures by cropping and changing the color balances. I did a simple collage of five pictures on the lampshade using rite-aide brand glue. My final touches were designs painted with black fabric paint and a fine bristled brush and accents of tiny holes poked through the shade to let more light escape through the pictures.

Here are the pics. I hope you enjoy! I really like how it turned out!


Love from the Big Apple