Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cardboard Boxes: Infinite Possibilities

Growing up, my family moved at least every four years, for various reasons (running from the law). We always had cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes lying around. My sisters and I used them for everything! We made mazes in the backyard. We put on magic shows. We built sets for whatever make-believe game we were playing.

When I hated my teacher in the fifth grade, my friends and I would pretend ours was a first release bus and hide in the copy room in the library until our bus was actually called (I was a rebel). My friends and I built a fortress out of discarded copier boxes to hide in. The first time I ever saw the principle's office shortly followed. Apparently a fort of cardboard boxes is not the best hiding place.

So when I happened upon Caine's Arcade my heart melted! Caine made an arcade in his father's auto part shop all out of cardboard boxes. It started as one basketball game and quickly grew to include a claw game, 4 star challenging soccer game, and many more! You can pay $1 for 4 plays or for $2 you can get  fun pass of 500 plays for a month. He even has each game rigged with a calculator to validate your fun pass.

Amazing and inspiring.

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